Paris | music is a kind of attitude, is a kind of life calle

In the romantic city, follow and meet, happy-go-lucky is the carefree attitude of life.

Without the Truman show, not music.

Although music is a kind of auditory image, voice, hearing, feeling is set, three kinds of art forms, outside-in soak your inner artistic expression.
: close your eyes, capture with the ear of the ups and downs. - listen to
Note: but at different frequency controllable. Smell -
Joy: it is found the note you want. - v.
Adjustment: one note together into fragments. - control
Law: the inspiration to the fragmentary fragment lined up. Sense of -
Period: at the right time, to find the right notes. Read -
Song: all the music sound tuning section finally formed the rhythm of the heart. - want to

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