How can I get a good guitar tim
Guitars is a guitar one extends, it can be said to be one of the modern product, early guitar are all by tone and then again in an enlarged manner a variety show, but now, in the objective conditions of the environment is relatively poor, guitar effects tend to be of good effect, such as an on - site or record the environment is not ideal, the outside of the sound, the noisy situation, etc., are the best option for the guitar.

First, the guitar is a guitar - based, only had good guitar can have good guitar, itself if the quality, the best, the best of all in vain.Because of the pickup, the equalization and so on, all components are amplified or modified, and there is no 'bad timbre itself through these parts to remedy the timbre.The balance we say that at the end, we discuss how to obtain the timbre of the guitar is good, remove the equalization of the specific setting.

As highlighted above, only the original instrument sound, the timbre to be good, someone says' Ovation guitar What principle?Ovation of the guitar has exceeded the traditional at the aspects of the original instrument sound, it is closer to the electric - guitar tone, more like the electric guitar on the streets of the effecter, and Martin Taylor or timbre is starkly different.
The method is centralized, piezoelectric, and ships with wheat and the like, each of the well, said better graininess can be of piezoelectric, sense of relatively clear, but the "electrical" something heavier; while the built - in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.), on the contrary, the timbre is close, but tends to lack strength, graininess, and their opponents - either the reaction rate does not have a piezoelectric fast and sensitive.
Speaking of live performances or recordings, the sound could be exposed to a very multifaceted impact.Below and share a common minor problems and solving methods.

1, directly access the guitar speaker cabinet
Such a small gig in the method is very effective, of course, the power of the guitar is good, even high power as in the case of small volume, the effect would be smaller than the volume of the power of the tone color of the good, because the high power drive of the speakers on the timbre of a better, more direct, and if the power of the small speaker in a slightly larger environment they will feel "powerless", even the largest, the volume is sufficient, however, came to the timbre of the piano would feel relatively" soft ".

2. A direct console access
Such cases often occur cases where sound will feel "strange", volume, feel, as it relate to a "balanced" and "unbalanced".If this happens, the best solution is for the guitar and the mixer is connected between a "DI", this phenomenon can be basically solved, what is the specific DI, you may be using, will not be repeated here.

3, guitar guitar speakers access via speakers, performed by the console output to the speakers,
This is relatively complex, involving something more, including the site of the connection lines, power supply, the environment, a tuner, etc., are all variable factors, but often this will effect the best.Because it can obtain the timbre of the guitar, and the adjustability of the maximum.

4. The current
But is this first checks whether the battery cable is normal, the output interface are loose, the speaker of the input port is normal, whether the use environment of the power supply is normal, that is to say the field of the environment if there was ever a ground power supply, power supply is clean and free of problems; the on - site use of time whether there is a "feedback" and the like.

5, sound, difficulty in serious delay
This situation typically occurs at the time of recording, the first problem is the "sound", sound card to sound on the recording quality and delay, and the like in one of the most direct factors.Now the computer is usually built - in sound cards can only be said to be able to cope with the use of some simple, listen and watch the movie and the like, but when the fit is used to bring recordings, it is not enough, the cards because of the very low sampling rate, and delay and fidelity are very not ideal.So if you want to receive a recording of very good quality of the best - performing or able to buy a relatively good independent sound card, USB, or Firewire or even built into your soundcard PCI - type arrangements are possible, and now the choice is also very much.

Good tone?What is the good timbre?How to obtain good timbre?

One big subject, many beginners are starting to use the guitar when she was asked how this is derived from balanced - oh - oh - oh, what are the parameters available for reference?Here's what I can tell you, no!
Like a dish, might not conform to the national people's taste, a sour - and - fries as well as local distinctions, not to mention the timbre.Everyone has their own preferences, and with what they hear, the tone has changed, there are few, one parameter may be for your reference.If your guitar teacher XX parameter so the best that he was actually in the tone of your imagination, your own timbre.

Usually on a guitar, an equalization setting will have the following:
1, the low - frequency - bass
This band gives a person the sense of listening to the most immediate difficulty is the "subwoofer" impression, of course not be so, but I said it's a bass you will certainly have the impression, so you'll soon know the "low frequency" so - called inborn nature.The low - frequency natural bass", which is rich, but it also has its disadvantages, is also capable to do feeling very turbid, timbre is not clear.
2, IF - middle
This band of "Bones"!Yes, remember this feeling.Because of the influence on its timbre is quite straightforward, IF you'll end up feeling very hard tone color, the middle protrusion of feel, while too much like "twang" of feeling, the steamy.
3, the high - frequency - treble
HF's like "!Of course they think was sharp, on the other hand, it's like a needle of the needle is blunt. This feeling.
All three parameters are the most common of the "balanced".A selection of the volume (Volume), don't have to explain everything, right?

The other spot value pres, phase phase, in the spatial frequency components and the like, these are a fine - tuning of interest, more than three of the band adjustment you clear, then the other of which is actually a more or less the same.
Next, tell you what a nice tone!

Rubank from yourself, from your ears, from you, from your experience.Each guitar timbre, has changed, even the same brands of the same type, because the guitar is made of wood, not of wood in that wood is identical in all respects, and therefore are likely to have exactly the same timbre of the guitar, of course, immediately sounded beneath it, but it is a long time, you will find that there is a difference.

Often someone will ask me, how to set the equilibrium at very best, how should set, how to set the decomposition, a pop - up solo melody of how a city setting.This is usually my answer is,Since the question does not answer, because the variable factors, uncontrollable, and also be able to say they don't, they can create a pleasing tone.

Tone adjustment is need to look to their own, with their own ears to judge, do you think - oh - oh - oh - oh - oh - oh. That is, even if it would be a bad thing to hear, then this is a learning process, compared to only be able to know good from bad, you have no experience in what was an ugly, then how can you know what is good?I always make a subjective issues should be addressed by students to their own experience, we just tell him what these are, respectively, and how, As to the students' own preferences or interests, and I felt it better to go by their own development, to their own experience is the best.Chinese always have such a problem, too - telling students about good and bad, didn't tell them, they will feel dependent and lose his judgement.

Australian Master Tommy of timbre and American Masters Andy is not absolute, but they are nice, but that doesn't belong, because the timbre of their own, can be replaced, because on another very important factor is the performer.The same equipment, the same environment, the same song, different people play is definitely two flavors.Of course, this was repeated once, the technology and the music is" good to listen to the sources, however good the equipment, priceless guitar, leading to a recording device, there is no technique, no music (yes, the music, if you don't know what I am saying here is the music of what, trouble and then go to baidu), vain, don't want to listen to ".
Of course, Timbre is one of the standard of objective judgment, but it is hedged with qualifications.Like a pop - up as they tend to be the timbre "twang", a ballad style more tend to be "fresh", Bruce is an "intermediate", and the like, though it's more, it is not conclusive.

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