Winter Guitar Maintenance

Now lets talk about the guitar of winter maintenance method, because the guitar can be truly at risk.This is the wicked winter humidity, compared with, for example, with respect to 24 degrees Celsius (75 Fahrenheit) lower than 40%.Exposed to 40 percent lower than the humidity of the environment, no matter how long, will cause damage.

By the drying - induced damage than the damage caused by humidity, and timely repair is required, the Musician, a lot of times for such a serious problem - makers there's nothing to be done.

The indoor relative humidity is clearly the most reliable method is to install the sling psychrometer or hygrometer.However, if there is a general purpose, its operation is complicated.(usually by a hygrometer may be included with the hardware purchase) can be obtained generally indoor humidity, though well - known, accurate.However, this does not know the guitar around the humidity look into the eyes of the guitar, particularly when it is dry, you will be judged:

Dry spent another symptom is that the backplane or panel profiles.In guitar making, some of the faceplate and the backplate is slightly arching.If the wood is dried, reduced, or the guitar flat panel backplanes will, even.

Since humidity is relatively low, is also deformed (although this is actually due to deformation under contraction of the wood).When the air is reduced when the wood, the wood is filled into the stability of the treated wood will shrink, resulting in the protrusion.On the bright side, when the humidity is returned to a normal level, the problem will sort itself out, once again become smooth.

If the guitar inlays, appear in mosaic.Also occur including, damascene or the surroundings.When the wood, inlaid material less susceptible to outside influence, shifted, causing a slight separation.When the humidity is returned to a level of separation remains, it is fortunate that the problem does not affect the life of the guitar or its performance of the play.
Since the drying, the guitar will continue to shrink, the metal filament (usually stable) from projecting laterally, clothes and even a finger injury.If this occurs, a determination of the moisture.Repairman by removing excess portions of the file may be modified, but the humidity problems but also to take effective action to prevent more serious problems.
When the contraction of the backboard, back in the frontman will also begin to dilate, resulting in a slight separation.Although I'm not a big problem, when the humidity is returned to normal after that will leave a permanent mark.
Humidity caused by the most serious problem is the breakage of the panel, when the relative humidity is below 30%, the guitar will produce this consequence.These cracks and subsequent repair of the damage, technicians were required to use the wood humidity bulges, cracks, touches the panel.This repair takes much more time, the price is relatively high, but not included within the scope of warranty.
Another common winter guitar is strings due to the low string buzz.Also due to drying.Two things cause this problem.Due to the neck and neck retraction may cause, however, that metal wire remains, on the back of the neck to be impacted.Panel also begins to contract, a press machine, to cause the strings more high low.When the humidity becomes higher, the problem will worsen, the strings will buzz, to extend.Steel string guitar at 14, classical guitar at 12 there is a small landing.Strings buzzed, would draw to your attention that the humidity of the musical instrument.
With the retracted, closely related, along each side of the panel where cracking will occur.This rift generally only in extreme circumstances will occur.
Some of the extreme cold of the winter climate would pose a risk to the guitar.Special cold on guitar, as well as when the temperature is below zero, it is to be frequently checked (small cracks).When the guitar is in subzero weather icing of outdoor 15 to 20 minutes when, say, carry - home) and then into a warm room, opened immediately took out a guitar, is especially prone to such problems.Conversely, if the room gets warm guitar from the extremely low temperature condition might also cause a problem.
To solve such problems is to find a way to prevent.Before going out, you would have the guitar was placed on the surface temperature of 7.2 to 10 degrees Celsius (45 Fahrenheit (50 degrees Fahrenheit) to a cool place for one hour.The same applies to when coming in from the cold environment to a warm environment.Closed, with at least an hour warming slowly to guitar.If circumstances permit, do not use a guitar is placed particularly in a cold environment.
Please remember to check the guitar, regardless of your level of effort.Although cracks may occur on a guitar, but does not affect the life or the life or guitar sound.It only affects the appearance.
Improve crack needs costly repair work, but this is not within the scope of warranty, and maybe the sound of a guitar.Our proposal is to adapt to these cracks.
In winter and humidity is another problem in that the warp of the steel - string guitar on such issues.Culprit is still the contraction of the panel.The texture and the texture of the panel opposite to the direction, in the same direction that it does not shrink, and thus a shearing force occurs, the separation of the faceplate.- makers can easily fix that problem, and also in rift (if under the influence, no deformation, cracks often occur in the panel).
When the guitar and back panel to the strut is retracted, the same can occur and shearing forces which could lead to its cleavage, leading to the interior of the guitar buzz and weakening the structure.(in which case often occurs in the guitar backing, adhesive and the backplane but not the rose wood spruce panels).This fixes it, and not included in the warranty.

winter to avoid problems with just a little bit of common sense can
Remember one important thing: Do not winter guitar against a wall.Heating of the heat is rising, however temperature may is 18 degrees Celsius, where the ground is a five - foot - high may be 22 degrees Celsius, a seven - foot high 27 degrees is possible.In the high - temperature, low relative humidity.
To ensure the safety of the guitar, the room humidity should be maintained at about 45%, at a temperature of 22 degrees Celsius.If, a problem may arise.
I may, the guitar would be placed in, and in a cool place, it is possible to use a humidifier or water contained in the small appliance to increase humidity.In the extreme cold and low - humidity areas, these devices should be checked daily.
Containing a small amount of water in the first eight hours could lose.Please note:Don't do the right thing, the water, you begin to pay attention to the moisture caused problems.

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