Daping that was the problem?

What is?Is due to the strings and the collisions generated abnormal noise is called.Of course, this is an objective of the precondition that, when the player is using the correct techniques to carry out the whole time, and which can be established.

So we first look at what is the right of the playing mechanism.Now a lot of friends have just received a guitar, a common process is like a very carefully and very attentively to "find", First of all, I don't know what the psychology is formed, is used; by pointing out of, say, or now the network information developed, resulting in some of the mistaken idea that has been inculcated into this part of the crowd inside your head.And as soon as the discovery of a phenomenon in which a "decisive" This is it!

To tell you whether a normal detection method.Whether you will not the harp, a beginner, a veteran of more than a decade, you may not know this method.

First will be to curb Chinese pronunciation for "scraps" method of play, this time playing strength is your normal play a broken chord when, e.g. a C chord decomposition, 53231323 right hand pluck the strings, this" 5" is something you are supposed to use the force and angle.Is the right approach, because if you play the decomposition, the thumb in the direction of the almost unstoppable against the strings, the ideal way of plucking the strings, the strings have to vibrate in the lateral direction is a direction and parallel to, and with a certain arc, this arc is a "limit", is under normal circumstances does not touch this limit, that is to say, the normal play of efforts under the strings is not met.If the error performance of the method, the vibration of the strings and is square with the vertical.Can imagine a child of the skip rubber band, tied to trees in the middle, put the rubber band is pulled up, so sure of the direction of the ground, otherwise it will never hit the ground, the guitar only.

Actually even met but there is no need to worry, they know why:

The neck, such as drying, central projection, in the middle of the forward point is easy to have a solution:If the neck is straight, but the portion was high, resulting in the maturity of a pint and can easily impinge on the strings, then we should consider that any particular chord somewhere, because a lot of this and because of the weather or elements being extruded, remember not to knock, because it is difficult to re - enter it, unless the silk, but most people don't have this condition and technique, then we'll need to use a new knife do shovel and cut, her high thrust, remember to observe or to compare adjacent winding height, and of course may be very fine (to minimise the file because the file does not smooth out) Never Easy, but be careful, if the shovel is a little lower, go on then, following one behind the other on the way to be shoveled it bit by bit with respect to OK.

If the neck is straight, is also observed no obvious differences odds are you're too soft chords or chord 010 of you.Solution:

Step 1:011 or 012 of mid - chord, like high - 013 may also be considered.

Step 2:Bottom chord pillow, or something in the bottom chord, this is preferably a metal strip, as of a piece of paper, and is hard to cut a sheet of plastic is also possible.

If the neck is straight, is also observed no obvious differences, the height of the strings is also normal, also is a mid - chord, then that is your technology and consciousness of problems.We can't hear it to understand, and you control the strength, and the drums, we're going to hit everyone knows all the efforts to control, on the contrary, he is not playing, especially on the children, and the stick on the drum and the spades and the aligned sheet was the Kick - Ass, ears were

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