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Guangzhou Sheng Ding Instrument Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales and service in one of the high-end guitar manufacturer, in 2014 before the basic thought that the global guitar brand OEM, long-term high-end OEM factory experience for piano technology has laid a solid foundation. 2013 sales agent GQ guitar, and set up a sales company in Guangzhou began to put on the market.
By the end of 2013, Guangzhou Sheng Ding instrument limited company officially for R & D (Trumon) Truman guitar, as a musical instrument Sheng Ding's high-end guitar brand series, Truman guitar in the summer of 2015 will be officially launched, and China fingerstyle cooperation, is committed to the broad masses of fans to create high quality, good quality brand guitar handle.
Diligence is the fundamental integrity based on Dingren Sheng, we will always stick to go!


Chinese name:楚门吉他



R & D guitar for many years, until recently, Ding Sheng guitar factory was finally officially launched the Truman guitar brand, is regarded as the ten years of grinding sword.
Truman guitar from the initial design with affordable high-quality folk piano as a concept, method is very simple, is to feel good tone, in the design of instrument, quality standard, regardless of the cost, then to affordable to consumers as the standard pricing, regardless of profits, every detail is not not exhausted.
Even at the beginning of the design, only the splint Qin had more than and 40 models, in the end, workmanship, from wood, color, price and other aspects, the deletion of only a few paragraphs boutique, is now displayed in front of you truman.
In fact, domestic guitar technology has matured, otherwise there would be so many international brand OEM production by China, just make a good guitar, not material, or look good on the line, but to every detail of each process excellence in it, especially if you need to hand the knot Halcrow would be better, Truman wish you satisfied with the guitar.
Design concept

Always seek perfection, each with a piano guitar Truman launched, will be repeatedly collect market recognition, other brands of the market, the overall price will be launched to transcend a lot, it can be said that each product has the Truman competition, its powerful unique not only so, Truman guitar guitar appearance in the product itself, even the packaging are spending a great deal of effort.

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